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Basement Mold

Portland Basement Mold

basement-moldIf there is moisture in your basement, it is likely you also have mold.  Removing or repairing the source of the moisture is the first step in getting rid of your mold. If the basement is wet from a flood, the source is obvious. Other possibilities include:

  • Gutters ending too close to the house
  • Improperly graded soil around the house
  • Leaks in the foundation
  • A dryer that isn’t vented to the outside
  • Leaking pipes
  • Other water sources.

Closely examining the area of mold should quickly reveal where the water is coming from. Then, take steps to eliminate the source. Call in a professional for foundation issues or other repairs as needed. Only after the problem is resolved will you be successful in eradicating the mold. All it takes, after all, is a single spore to grow into a colony again.

Certified Mold Cleaning & Restoration can find your moisture source, fix the problem, then remove the mold from your basement.

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