Certified Mold Remediation

Attic Mold

Attic mold in Portland…

Attic Moldis extremely common in the Pacific Northwest. Attic mold is caused by 3 basic issues:

  • Lack of adequate ventilation or improper ventilation
  • Existing or past roof or flashing leaks
  • Improperly exhausted bathroom fans and or dryer vents

People realize the importance of insulating an attic, but few realize that the ventilation of the attic is equally important. If the attic has inadequate ventilation (or no ventilation), the warm air of the home will rise into the attic and it will get trapped. The amount of moisture in the air in your home depends on the temperature of the air. As the temperature goes down, the air contains less moisture. This is why, in cold weather, moisture condenses on cold surfaces (like attic roof sheathing/decking). This moisture provides a perfect situation where mold spores can grow.

Improperly installed bathroom exhaust venting can actually add moisture into your attic instead of allowing it to leave the home.

Traditional Method to Remove Attic Mold

White Attic Paint – is a dead give away that there was a mold problem in your house at one point in time.  The traditional method of getting rid of mold in an attic includes:

  • Cleaning and treatment of surfaces
  • Application of a mold resistant sealant
  • Proper ventilation and insulation to insure that the mold does not return

Anyone looking to purchase the house in the future will want to know why there is white sealant in the attic.

Our Process

The Certified Mold Cleaning process removes all visible mold staining prior to fogging the area to eliminate mold spores in the structure. Fogging the area will kill the mold spores that are hidden.  Our process removes all mold staining so there will be no evidence of a mold problem in the future. We sample the air after all mold has been removed to be sure all mold spores are gone.