Certified Mold Remediation
The Future of Mold Remediation is here: Certified Mold Cleaning & RestorationServing Vancouver and Portland Metro areas.
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Mold Inspection

Certified Mold Cleaning does a complete inspection for any property that has issues with mold.
This is done by Certified Mold Cleaning coming to the dwelling and inspecting it. All reports are professionally created and delivered to the owner.

We provide a systematic approach to detect indoor environmental problems stemming from moisture related defects, and provide a solution to remedying the underlying cause of the mold problem. Then we provide a detailed quotation for mold remediation including removal of the Correct and Protect.

We offer a quick, affordable solution to your mold problems.

Our system is not invasive to your home or family (including pets).

There is a three step process in treating mold in properties:

1. Identify the cause of the problem
2. Remove the visible mold from the property and control the airborne mold spores
3. Treat the property to protect the building from future mold growth.
Our non-toxic products will allow you to re-enter your home the same day because the products are safe as well as effective.

Certified Mold Cleaning does Air Sample Testing

Certified Mold Cleaning can offer Air Sample Testing before and after completing our services through an independent laboratory. Natural amounts of Mold spores exist in any outdoor environment. It is only when these mold spores are concentrated in an indoor environment that possible health affects occur.

We strive to reduce the indoor mold spore count to be equal or less then the outdoor mold spore count. We can provide indoor and outdoor air samples before our services. We can locate the areas that may or may not be concentrated. This can give us a better understanding of the mold colonies that may be located in the area(s).